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Our Mission

The 90%-02.png

We have all heard the saying "sports performance is 90% mental" and yet most athletes continue to focus solely on the physical side when it comes to performance training. At The 90% it is our mission to provide mental performance coaching so that clients can develop their full athletic potential. Public perception has always made us believe that the best athlete's are the strongest and most fit. But a strong body without a strong mind, does us nothing. We are so immersed in physical strength, we forget about the most important tool; our mind. The mind is a muscle, the more you push it, the stronger it becomes. 

Our team of experts are here to provide the right tools, curriculum and mental performance coaching to assist athletes to be the very best they can be. Whether it is performance anxiety, confidence concerns, or something else holding an athlete back, our 90% team is committed to helping identify and address mental obstacles and teach skills that will assist our clients in reaching their performance goals. 

ABOUT The 90%

The 90%-02.png

The 90% was founded by a sports coach, a therapist and a physical therapist who all have had many years of experience in their field of athletics. The discussion amongst the group was why there is no mental performance training for athletes of all ages.  You can find 10 personal "body" trainers at the gym, you can find personal pitching coaches that fix an athletes throw or personal shooting coach that can help your jump shot. But if sports are 90% mental, where are the coaches that work on the athletes 90%? We have all seen the football player that can catch passes in practice but cant when they get on the big stage. We have all seen the volleyball player who gets in their head during gametime. We want to be the place to help that 90%, the mental side of sports #MindsetMatters . 

Do you struggle with...



Do you do well in practice only to “freeze” in competition?

Does your stress/worry interfere with your performance?

Does social media affect how you preform?


· Are you constantly comparing yourself to other athletes and coming up short in your mind?

·  Do you feel that you receive negative messages from yourself and/or others that break down your confidence?


Do you sometimes feel that your whole life revolves around your sport and you want a change?

Do you think about quitting your sport because you have lost your love for it?

Are you comparing yourself to others?


Are you worried that your injury will set you back in your sport?

Do you worry that you may get injured again?  Do these concerns interfere with your performance?

Do you want to IMPROVE...



Do you feel that you have hit a wall and are not improving in your sport?

·  Would you like help developing mental “grit” to bring you to that next level?

College recruiting

Are you stressed by the world of college recruiting?

Does pressure to play at the next level affect your performance in competition?

parent/athlete relationship

Does the discussion of your sport dominate most conversations you have as a family?

Is your parent/child relationship strained as a result?

how you practice or prepare

How do you practice for games mentally? Whats your mental routine pre-game?

When preparing for games/matches what you do weeks, months before can mentally get you ready for competition. 

Our team


Todd Wolfson

Mental Performance Coach / Founder

The 90%-02.png

Being a high school coach for over 14 years, I have always been more interested in how athletes can get the most out of themselves. As one who battled different mental struggles relating to sports, I feel helping athletes get over their hurdles can be extremely beneficial and rewarding. The idea behind creating "The 90%" company is because I had always wished that something like this was around when I was still an athlete. There were always times when I needed someone to help me be the best I could be who wasn't my parents, my coach or my teammates. 


  • B.S. @ CSUN in Communication

  • M.A. & M.S. @ Concordia University Irvine in Coaching and Athletics Administration


  • Two Time State Championship Head Basketball Coach ('14 & '20)

  • Two Time California State Coach Of The Year ('14 & '20)


Juliana gallant

mental performance coach / director of Curriculum 

The 90%-02.png

I have been working over 20 years in high schools, most of the time as a counselor and therapist, and recognize the importance of the mental aspect of performance in all areas, including athletics.  I have worked with numerous young athletes and their families over the years and see how often overwhelming pressure and performance anxiety interfere with the ability of student-athletes to reach their full potential. I also recognize that physical skill and athleticism are only part of the whole picture and that mental resiliency, self-regulation, and “grit” are at least as important if not more essential in leading to overall success. I have 2 sons who have played sports their entire lives and I have certainly noticed as a mom that their mindset plays a big part in how they perform and even how they recover from injury. Currently both of them are collegiate athletes and certainly understand the importance of focusing on the mental aspect of their game.


  • BA in English from the University of Notre Dame

  • MS in Counseling Psychology from Mount St. Mary's College


  • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist  MFT44858


Aaron mcguinness

mental performance coach / mind-body connection

The 90%-02.png

I am a Physical Therapist and Orthopedic Certified Specialist, dedicating my life to studying human movement, injury, and performance.  This has lead me to work with athletes of all ages and skill levels.  My time as a college baseball player at Gonzaga University made me appreciate the importance of injury prevention and peak performance, but what I realized the most was the importance of a strong mental approach to the game.  How could I lead the league in hitting one week and a week later I find myself in a miserable slump?  I was the same athlete but my mental approach was different and I didn't know how to train this part of my performance.  This is why I am so enthusiastic about The 90%.  I have no doubt The 90% will be the missing link for many young athletes.


  • B.S. In Kinesiology From Gonzaga University

  • Doctorate of Physical Therapy From USC


  • Doctor Of Physical Therapy


  • Orthopedic Certified Specialist

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